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Call for Papers: Urban Environmental Pollution & Water Management Conference!

| Senin, 02 April 2012
Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to join the Urban Environmental Pollution & Water Management Conference (UEPWMC2012), Third Annual Urban Environmental Pollution & Water Management Conference. More than half of the world's population lives in cities, a trend that is rapidly accelerating in Asia. In the Europe, large urban areas are spreading and merging to form large megapolitan areas, especially along interstate highways. As many city dwellers are disconnected from the real or natural world, it has been suggested that a new human species - homo urbanus - is emerging.

Cities require and absorb huge quantities of energy and materials, metabolizing them and producing large quantities of waste products, resulting in an unsustainable environment. Cities are sources of pollutants for water, air and soil. Air pollutants produced in cities are transported downwind to more rural areas. Light pollution and noise pollution are also factors. Human health is affected by the following, among others: urban heat islands; elevated ozone levels; elevated particulate levels, primarily Pm 2.5; increased storm water leading to sewer overflows; noise pollution; light pollution; soil pollution; water pollution; lack of identification with and contact with the natural world; invasive species; lack of species diversity; lack of opportunities to interact with each other; lack of trees and green space.

This conference will focus on the latest information about urban pollution problems/Water Management and what measures can be taken to overcome obstacles to sustainability and life quality. The role of urban vegetation in storm water retention, pollution and temperature reduction, green roofs, re-surfacing buildings, reducing albedo, reducing asthma and other advances will be presented.

Eight very general topics will serve as the framework for discussions involving urban environmental pollutants & Water Management, their effects and mitigation:

•Nature of urban environments
•Air pollutants, heat islands, climate change
•Soil and water pollution, storm water retention
•Ecology, biodiversity, invasive species
•Panel discussion, conclusions, recommendations, planning for future activities
•Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Storm water recovery and disposal, innovative and cost-effective technologies in water treatment, recycling and reuse of waste water.
•Conservation and Groundwater Management
Climate change effect on water resources, urban flooding and landscape management, lake management, groundwater mining and quality, groundwater conservation and recharge, wetlands and watershed management, rainwater harvesting, catchment to consumer modeling and legislations for groundwater use.
•Water Utilities, Public Health and Governance
Water borne diseases, bio-remediation, information technology and automation, water safety plans, water saving technologies, e-governance and public private partnership (PPP) in effective water management.

Conference papers are reviewed by members of the Committee and other colleagues and selected papers will be rapidly processed for publication in book form. In addition, all papers in the conference book will be permanently archived in the Transactions of the Urban Environmental Pollution & Water Management Conference site, where they will be available to the international scientific community. Papers presented at Urban Environmental Pollution & Water Management Conference will appear regularly in notable review, publication and databases.

Proposal Submission: Interested presenters should submit an abstract of less than 800 words of text summarizing the proposed presentation and a short bio (100 words, email: conference@uepwmc12.org or fax on:+447005938426 on or before 16th April,2012. Deadline for notification of acceptance is 16th April,2012. Conference Registration: All presenters are expected to register online on 30th April,2012. Registration is free of charge for delegates from developing countries. Also free flight ticket, travel insurance, visa fees and per diem to be provided for all paper presenters and participating delegates.

Important dates:
16th April,2012 Deadline for abstract submission
30th April,2012 Notification of acceptance/Full paper Submissions
21-25 May,2012 Conference Dates

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Dr. Patrick Baker,
Conference Committee
Urban Environmental Pollution & Water Management Conference
-25,Gresse Street, London, Greater London W1T 1QW, United Kingdom.